AWC  Silent Auction Catalog

*** THE AUCTION HAS CLOSED. Some items did not sell. Contact us if you're interested in any of them and we'll make a deal.

FEB 1ST: The items on this page will all be on offer via this online silent auction. You may also view in person at the AWC Clubhouse on Wednesday, February 7, 2018. If you have not yet read the Silent Auction Rules, please do.

To bid on an item, you must send email to: with the item name & number and bid in the subject line. Bid format:
     Subject: Item name (amount THB)
 Subject: 01-Altar (9,500 THB)
     Please bid in this format to be clear.

NOTE: There are a few items with 2 or 3 lots. Please read carefully in each item description about them before you bid. Click the small icons to view larger images.

SOLD for 9,500 baht
01-Altar Table
(Min bid: 8,000 THB)

Solid wood. Three drawers with shelving behind doors below. 57” wide; 19” deep; 40” tall

SOLD for 5,555 baht
02-Buffet Table 
(Min bid: 4,000 THB)

Solid wood with three drawers. Wicker inlaid top.
55” wide; 16” deep; 36” tall  

03-Sofa (Two available)
(Min bid: 5,000 THB each)

TWO AVAILABLE (make two bids if you want them both)
Three seats, overstuffed, full-size
88” wide; 39” deep; 30.5” tall (back & sides)

SOLD for 4,500 baht
04-Coffee Table
(Min bid: 3,000 THB)

Solid wood, with glass top
44” square; 20.5”  high
SOLD for 4,500 baht
05-Rattan Side Chairs
(Min bid: 2,500 THB)

Pair with cushions.
27" wide; 28" deep; 33.5" high

SOLD for 12,050 baht
06-Rain Drum Table
(Min bid: 10,000 THB)

Bronze with glass top
32” diameter; 30.25" tall

07-Teak Hutch (Two available)
(Min bid: 15,000 THB each)

TWO AVAILABLE (make two bids if you want them both)
Made of solid teak wood. Two sections of shelves with glass doors (top) and wood doors (bottom) plus drawers at bottom.
83” wide; 18.5” deep; 88.5” high

for 5,005 baht and 5,000 baht
08-Game Table (Three sets were available)
(Min bid: 5,000 THB each set)

Solid wood table with glass top. Set includes 4 rattan chairs and cushions.
36" square

SOLD for 2,500 baht
09-Rattan Game Chairs

(Min bid: 2,000 THB)

Pair with cushions

SOLD for 2,100 baht
10-Pedestal Table
(Min bid: 2,000 THB)

Round with pineapple design and 3 legs.
19.5" diameter; 26.5" high

SOLD for 4,000 baht
11-Khmer Head
(Min bid: 800 THB)

Khmer-style head, reproduction made of sandstone.
15" high

(Min bid: 1,500 THB)

Handwoven silk fabric with loom rail (23.5" wide x 8" high)

SOLD for 5,000 baht
(Min bid: 1,000 THB)

Wood with Thai numerals and pendulum.
16" tall

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