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Executive Officers for 2023-2024

These are the Executive Officers for next year! We are grateful to these outstanding women who were elected by the online vote that took place Nov 23rd through Nov 27th. We appreciate their willingness to lead the American Women's Club of Thailand from February 1, 2023 through January 31, 2024.

AWC Nominating Committee 2022-23, nominate@awcthailand.org
Joette Berkompas, Chair
Carolyn Gunderson-Ott

Co-Presidents ~ Sandy Harford and Jennifer Sparks

Sandy Harford I moved to Bangkok with my husband, Rob, and kitty cat, Posie, in May. Our kids, Haley and Griffin, with their partners, Jeremy and Charlotte, live in our home state of California. Before moving to Bangkok, I became a member of the AWC. I wanted to hit the ground running and I did. My first Monday Casual Coffee, I made some wonderful connections and signed up for every activity. Remember that Brady Bunch episode when Marsha joined everything? That’s me.

Before Bangkok, I lived in Singapore and was a very active member of the AWA there. My days are full with AWC pursuits, exploring Bangkok and the region, and my part-time job as a marketing manager for an adventure travel company. There’s always time, however, for volunteering on passion projects. I’m proud to be a part of the AWC Scholarship committee. Enabling girls to better their futures by finishing school is truly rewarding. I’m happy to continue volunteering my time with the other amazing nominees on the board next year. The goal for me is to enhance each member's experience in the AWC. After all, girls need their girls! Thank you!

Jennifer Sparks

Jennifer is a dedicated educator and strategist for empowering at-risk children—refugees and rural—to access meaningful education and quality healthcare. Originally from the USA, she has lived in Finland, Tanzania, and now Thailand, which she considers home since 2017. Jennifer has worked with schools in the USA, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya and presently works with urban refugees in Bangkok to access education and healthcare.

She is a past-president of the American Women’s Club and currently serves as Scholarship Committee Chair to advance Thai girls’ access to education in rural villages. Jennifer has an MA in Education, Health Promotion and International Development from University College London. For fun, Jennifer enjoys traveling, making sourdough, exploring new neighborhoods, and going for tuk-tuk rides with her husband and soi dog.

Vice President ~ Pamela Snyder

Pamela SnyderRaised in California and following many moves across the US, Pamela now considers Virginia home. She is a graduate of San José State University and the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva. A children's librarian by profession, Pamela is passionate about early literacy and education. She speaks French, a tiny bit of Turkish and is working on Thai. She has two wonderful children; her daughter is a nurse and her son is a university student.

Bitten by the travel bug at an early age, Pamela has been fortunate enough to live in France, Switzerland and Turkey before relocating with her husband to Bangkok. She plans to see and do as much as possible in Thailand. She is an avid paddle boarder, spending her summers cruising up and down the Potomac River. Pamela also enjoys yoga and exploring out-of-the way neighborhoods in search of hidden historical sights and amazing food.

Secretary ~ Jennifer Williams

I am a Canadian who moved to Bangkok from Singapore with my husband, two teenage sons and two dogs. My oldest son is now back in Canada studying at the University of Toronto. I am a writer and editor and most recently I worked with the American Women’s Association in Singapore as Editor-in-chief of the AWA Magazine. While in Singapore, I was also Secretary on the board of First Hand, an organization that raises money for two Cambodian charities that support vulnerable women and children.

I am relatively new to Bangkok and am just beginning the adventure of finding my way around - especially on the roads as my husband decided we needed a car. I enjoy that Bangkok seems to have a new experience every time I turn a corner. I’ve even learned to navigate innumerable motorbikes, push carts and taxis to turn each corner! Along with writing, travel and exploring, I also have a love of yoga and completed my 200 hour teacher certification a few years ago. 

Treasurer ~ Petro Kuiper

Petro KuiperWhen my husband and I became empty nesters we decided to live the expat life, and we've lived in South East Asia for the last 8 years. I remember after being in Bangkok for a few weeks, I met another expat who's been living in Bangkok for 14 years, and he asked me how I find it here. My answer: "How long will this honeymoon last? I love it!" Well, 2 years later and the honeymoon is not over yet. I've been to 44 of the Thai provinces, only 33 to go. I have my own rules to be able to tick them off, not just a drive through. I still enjoy discovering this amazing country, especially by bicycle. 

I've been a physiotherapist specialising in sport injuries for most of my life. When I suffered burnout from being a physio I did my Masters in Professional accounting. These 2 professions combined helped me to run my own clinics, doing clinical work as well as management, marketing and accounting. That was a lot of fun and variety. I finished my Wellness coaching certificate this year while I trained and did my first full Ironman competition.

Being active in the AWC broadens my horizons, and I join activities whenever I can. Getting out of my comfort zone with the books I have to read for Book Club, keeping my brain active with Games Day, joining museum tours and being Treasurer for the last 2 years.

Email sent to all members on November 6, 2022

The Nominating Committee is very pleased to announce and nominate the following outstanding officer candidates for next year. We are grateful to these most capable women who have consented to serve if elected. We appreciate their willingness to support the American Women's Club of Thailand from February 1, 2023 through January 31, 2024.

The candidates' biographical statements and their photos will be coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to thank them and tell them you support their efforts as AWC's leaders for next year. It's going to be a great year for the American Women's Club of Thailand.

Thank you for your attention, 
AWC Nominating Committee 2022-23, nominate@awcthailand.org
Joette Berkompas, Chair
Carolyn Gunderson-Ott

PS - Because Pamela Snyder has agreed to stand as Vice President, she has stepped down from the Nominating Committee.

The Election Process

* Provisos per AWC’s Bylaws,

  • Candidates for President and Vice President must be US citizens and "Regular" members of the AWC. "Associate" members may be elected as Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Officers of the Club are elected annually for a term of one club year (Feb 1, 2023 to Jan 31, 2024).
  • Installation will take place at the January General Business Meeting.
  • Candidates must be able to make an appropriate time commitment relevant to the office.

The election for the 2023-2024 Executive Committee of the AWC is scheduled to take place via online voting from Wednesday, November 23rd through Sunday, November 27, 2022. You will receive an email with the link to cast your vote.

  • Every AWC member, whether Regular or Associate, is allowed to vote for officers of the Executive Committee.
  • No write-in candidates will be accepted (Bylaw V.D.4.). All names must appear on the ballot. 
  • Nominees can be added to the ballot before 4:00 pm, Wednesday, November 16th, with prior written approval of said nominee.
  • The Nominating Committee will announce the results of the election by email within 48 hours of the voting conclusion.

We hope you will exercise your right to vote when the time comes.

Please contact the Nominating Committee Chair at nominate@awcthailand.org if you have any questions.

Key Dates:

•    October 13th~ Announce Nominations are Open
•    November 6th ~ Announce Slate of Candidates
•    November 16th ~ Last Day to nominate yourself or another member
•    November 23rd ~ Vote Online through November 27th
•    November 28th ~ Announce vote results

•    February 1, 2023 ~ Take Office

Updated November 2022

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