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AWC Scholarship Program FAQ

What is the Scholarship Program?
Why is the Scholarship Program needed?
Who is eligible for an AWC Scholarship?
How much of my contribution goes to overhead?
Is my scholarship donation tax deductible?
How are the funds disbursed and tracked?
What if my student drops out?
Can I correspond with my student?
How can I participate?

What is the Scholarship Program?
Founded in 1995 and operated entirely by volunteers, the American Women’s Club Scholarship Program has helped thousands of girls to pursue one common dream: an education. In Thailand, the compulsory education system requires students to attend school only through grade 9. The final grades, 10-12, which mainly focus on academic or vocational training, are often sacrificed because of financial pressures on individual families. The AWC program offers scholarships to female students who are at great risk of dropping out during these crucial years. For 2022, we expect to have 200 students in 28 schools participating in our program.

Why is the Scholarship Program Needed?
While the Thai government provides basic tuition, this subsidy does not cover all educational expenses. The fees for books, uniforms, supplies, meals and transportation are all the responsibility of the student’s family. These extra expenses are a real burden for most families in rural communities in Thailand. Your sponsorship covers most educational expenses for one year, enabling a student to further her education.

Who is Eligible for an AWC Scholarship?
School advisors nominate students who show a strong desire to complete their secondary education and meet the established grade-point requirement (>2.5 GPA), but whose family income levels place them at risk to discontinue their studies. A comprehensive application form must be submitted to AWC's partner, The Education for Development Foundation (EDF) Thailand, for verification of need. EDF then matches approved students to individual sponsors. In return, the students must continue to meet the grade-point requirement and correspond with their sponsors.

How Much of my Contribution Goes to Overhead?
1,000 baht of the 6,000 baht donation will go towards the EDF administration fee. And the balance of 5,000 baht goes to the student in two installments, first and second semester respectively.

Is my Scholarship Donation Tax Deductible?
Although AWC is not able to offer tax-deductible receipts directly, our partner, The Education for Development Foundation (EDF) Thailand, can offer tax-deductible receipts to taxpayers in Thailand, whether expatriates or Thai nationals.

How are the Funds Disbursed and Tracked?
EDF works closely with an advisor at each school to oversee the disbursement of the funds to the students each term. The student is responsible for submitting an expense report for each term. The advisor will review and monitor the student’s expenses. In addition, committee members periodically visit and audit the schools in order to ensure proper use of funds and to assess compliance with AWC guidelines.

What if my Student Drops Out?
As soon as EDF is notified by the school advisor, they will assign the sponsor a new student.

Can I Correspond with my Student?
Yes, you can send a letter to your student at her school address on the Student Information Form you receive from EDF.

How can I Participate?

Every scholarship is made possible by the generosity of sponsors. Your support is needed! Complete the sponsor application process here. We accept donations of any amount toward the Scholarship Program. 6,000 baht or US$200 will support one student. You may support as many girls as you wish.

The Gift of Education Lasts a Lifetime

We invite you to view the AWC Scholarship Presentation 2022 (PDF)  to learn more about our program and accomplishments.


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Reviewed March 2023

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