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Executive Officers for 2024-2025

These are the Executive Officers for next year! We are grateful to these outstanding women who were elected by the online vote that took place Nov 29th through Dec 2nd. We appreciate their willingness to lead the American Women's Club of Thailand from February 1, 2024 through January 31, 2025.

AWC Nominating Committee 2023-24, nominate@awcthailand.org
Pamela Snyder
Jennifer Sparks
Kristen Allison

Co-Presidents ~ Louise Hayden & Sandy Harford (incumbent)

A relative newcomer to Bangkok, I moved here 16 months ago with my husband, 2 teenager daughters, and our poodle. An expat for the past decade, I also lived in the Philippines and Myanmar (Burma). I was actively involved in volunteer organizations such as Skills for Humanity in Myanmar bringing education and skill development to marginalized communities.

I hold my MBA and worked 20 years as a Program Manager for large scale IT system implementations and as a product design consultant. For fun, I'm always looking for ways to build community around my passions. Lately, you’ll find me organizing tennis leagues and tournaments in Bangkok. I believe strongly in groups like AWC that offer a space where women support each other, share their talents, explore and find new interests and create friendships. I am excited at the prospect of volunteering as AWC Co-President, continuing the camaraderie among women in this vibrant metropolis we all call home.

Here I go again! I really enjoyed being the AWC 2023 Co-President with Jennifer Sparks. The whole team agrees that it was a very successful year, particularly our CWL event. Thank you for all your support and participation along the way. It really does take a massive group effort of volunteerism to make the AWC what it is—fun, supportive and collaborative. I've learned so much along the way and grown as a person, so I feel really confident that 2024 is going to be a stellar year as well. I know Louise both on and off the tennis/pickleball courts. She'll be an amazing co-president and I look forward to working with her. Thanks again for your support. See you out there!

Vice President ~ Mia Anglin

Hello! My name is Camila (Mia) Anglin and I am an American citizen in Thailand with the US Embassy. I was born in Brazil but I lived in different countries during my life (Spain, Argentina, USA, Germany and now Thailand).

I have more than 30 years working with Global Mobility for big companies as SC Johnson, Airbus and Sodexo. I am fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

I am inspired daily by my family and nature. I have a passion for cooking and interior design.

Secretary ~ Verena Henssler

Originally from Germany, I grew up in Washington D.C., completed high school in Geneva, Switzerland and graduated from EHL Hospitality Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland. After living in Russia, Germany, the U.A.E., Kuwait, France, and most recently China, I moved to Bangkok with my husband in June 2023.

With three adult children living in Germany, The Netherlands and the U.S.A., family is at the core of my global adventures. As a passionate foodie, I love exploring off the beaten track and am excited to immerse myself in Thailand’s vibrant culture.

Treasurer ~ Petro Kuiper

Petro KuiperMost members probably know my name by now since I've been in this position for 3 years now. Luckily I have Henny to assist me.

I grew up in South Africa but we emigrated to Australia in 2000, and I call Australia home... although for the last 3 years I call Bangkok home. Home for me is where my current base is. We lived in Singapore and the Philippines before moving to Bangkok 3 years ago. I have ticked 76% of Thailand provinces so I have a few more to go.

I was a physiotherapist, accountant and small business owner in my previous life, and I like to keep all my skills up to date. This past year I have also finished a Wellness coaching course as well as my TEFL certification. I currently volunteer as an English teacher at Banner Language School and Pratanadee Foundation. I also started consulting clients at home. I am passionate about exercise, especially cycling, and I love to explore this amazing country on my bicycle, with or without friends.

Email sent to all members on November 29, 2023

In a recent email, we announced to you the AWC Officer Candidates for 2024-25. We now nominate the full slate! We appreciate that they are willing to give of themselves and their talents to support the American Women's Club of Thailand from February 1, 2024 through January 31, 2025.

The AWC Officer Candidates are as follows:

  • Louise Heyden and Sandy Harford (incumbent) as Co-Presidents
  • Camila (Mia) Anglin as Vice President
  • Verena Henssler as Secretary
  • Petro Kuiper as Treasurer (incumbent)

Please review their brief biographies to learn about them.

Now it is time for you, the AWC members, to vote. You must log in to your AWC online account... An online ballot in the AWC website system is being used to carry out the voting. It will allow each member to vote once, and that vote will be anonymous.

  • To record your choices, you must click on "Submit Vote".
  • Please note that you will not be able to go back in and change your vote after it is submitted.

Click to cast your vote 

You may vote anytime between now, Wednesday, November 29th through midnight Saturday, December 2nd (Thai time). The results will be announced within 48 hours after voting is closed.

Thank you for exercising your membership right to vote!

AWC Nominating Committee 2023-24, nominate@awcthailand.org
Pamela Snyder, Chair, +66 64 569 2266 (WhatsApp)
Jennifer Sparks +66 97 359 7323  (WhatsApp)
Kristen Allison +1 407 538 6095  (WhatsApp)


Email sent to all members on November 10, 2023

The Nominating Committee is very pleased to announce and nominate the following outstanding officer candidates for next year. We are grateful to these most capable women who have consented to serve if elected. We appreciate their willingness to support the American Women's Club of Thailand from February 1, 2024 through January 31, 2025.

  • Louise Hayden as President
  • Camila (Mia) Anglin as Vice President 
  • Verena Henssler as Secretary
  • ???? as Treasurer
We need a Treasurer to complete the Executive Committee. We are asking for a one-year commitment beginning Feb 1, 2024.View the Role Description. The outgoing treasurer will be able to give you advice before you take on the position.

The candidates' biographical statements and their photos will be coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to thank them and tell them you support their efforts as AWC's leaders for next year. It's going to be a great year for the American Women's Club of Thailand.

Warm Regards,

AWC Nominating Committee 2023-24, nominate@awcthailand.org
Pamela Snyder, Chair, +66 64 569 2266 (WhatsApp)
Jennifer Sparks, +66 97 359 7323 (WhatsApp)
Kristen Allison, +1 407 538 6095 (WhatsApp)

The Election Process

* Provisos per AWC’s Bylaws,

  • Candidates for President and Vice President must be US citizens and "Regular" members of the AWC. "Associate" members may be elected as Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Officers of the Club are elected annually for a term of one club year (Feb 1, 2024 to Jan 31, 2025).
  • Installation will take place at the January General Business Meeting.
  • Candidates must be able to make an appropriate time commitment relevant to the office.

The election for the 2024-2025 Executive Committee of the AWC is scheduled to take place via online voting. You will receive an email with the link to cast your vote.

  • Every AWC member, whether Regular or Associate, is allowed to vote for officers of the Executive Committee.
  • No write-in candidates will be accepted (Bylaw V.D.4.). All names must appear on the ballot. 
  • Nominees can be added to the ballot before 4:00 pm, Wednesday, November 22nd, with prior written approval of said nominee.
  • The Nominating Committee will announce the results of the election by email within 48 hours of the voting conclusion.

We hope you will exercise your right to vote when the time comes.

Key Dates:
• October 22nd – Announce Nominations are Open
November 10th – Announce Slate of Candidates
November 22nd – Last Day to Nominate Yourself or Another Member (with written permission of candidate)
November 29th through December 2nd – Vote Online
December 3rd – Announce Vote Results
• February 1, 2024 – Take Office

NOTE: Any member who indicates she wants to volunteer for a position will be included on the ballot for all AWC members to vote on.

Updated December 2023

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